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Fontana, CA
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How can artificial grass be used?
Artificial grass has many useful applications like: putting greens, sport fields, gyms, residential and commercial lawns, retail displays, dog parks and recreational areas such as playgrounds and much more!
Will it fade?
No. Our Turf is made with the highest quality materials and U.V. protection.
Does it get hot?
The answer is Yes. It will get hotter than natural grass but less than concrete. However, we have our new grass line with cool technology which is cooler than regular artificial grasses in the market today. Tip: a little water spray with a hose over the grass will also help cool it down.
What kind of maintenance does it need?
Just an occasional brooming to refresh the look of the blades and blow out leaves with a regular blower and that’s it!
How does it affect the environment?
Our Turf is environmental friendly –no harmful chemicals. 100% recyclable. Safe for kids and pets. Lead free, plus it eliminates the need for watering and thus lowering your water bill!

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